The day started off taking some ‘getting ready shots’ of Jess at her parents home. There were lots of family members spread out throughout the house doing their own thing, from Jess’s mum Sharyn getting her make-up done, to Jess’s brother Joshua taking a swing from his matte black hip flask, and Jess’s dad Thomas telling me I’m more than welcome to take a picture of his beloved ‘Sydney Swan’s’ memorabilia framed picture in the back room. Yes, it was pretty hectic, but I think they wouldn’t want it any other way. I could tell as soon as I entered their home that there was lots of love, and closeness, and that family everything. Jess’s dress was the most elegant and beautifully designed dresses I’ve ever seen. She loves anything vintage, so her whole look emulated that, and boy did she pull it off. It was our first time photographing a wedding at Mulgoa Valley Receptions, and I hope we’re lucky enough to go back. It wasn’t far from Sydney, the location was stunning, with an equally stunning reception, it was quaint, vintage, rustic and full of charm. The flower arrangements were amazing, with a fantastic array of colours displayed throughout the venue. Their wedding day was a beautiful celebration of two young people extremely in love surrounded by their lovely family and friends, marrying on Jess’s maternal grandparents wedding anniversary, couldn’t get more special than that.
“We met very unexpectedly though friends. Jamie proposed while I was watching Bambi and falling asleep, he made me a cup of tea with a ring box accompanying it.” - Jess (Bride)
Portrait Location: Mulgoa Valley Receptions
Ceremony & Reception: Mulgoa Valley Receptions
Flowers: Ivy Trail Events
Hair & Make up: Elizabeth Perdikouris of Jonelle’s Hair and Beauty
Wedding Dress: Bride’s Desire (Wendy Sullivan)
Lace Sleeves added by: Michelle Parker of Singulalry Stitched