"We lived together and we both studied at Sydney Uni, and while there we moved into the same share house (a random assortment of 4 strangers) in Darlington 2012. We spent 2 years being annoyed at each other's day to day habits before either of us was game to make a move, and we started dating in 2014. First thing to note, Aedon is terrible at keeping secrets and most 'surprises' in our relationship have been prefaced by weeks of not-so-subtle hints. When I moved to Canberra for work in March, Aedon wasted no time in buying a ring, and he managed to keep it under his hat for a whole 3 weeks while the ring arrived from the US. He even put up with my arguing with him about why he didn't want to come and visit me in Canberra on the first weekend of April when I had gone to Sydney on all the weekends in March (it was because he originally wanted to proposed in Sydney!). I won the argument, but Aedon was resilient and quickly found the perfect spot in Canberra to propose - on top of Mt Ainslie, which has an amazing view over the city. To this day I still can't believe I had absolutely no idea!". - Anita (the bride) 
Ceremony: Hindu ceremony at Anita's parents house
Reception: The Royal Hotel Darlington 
Hair & make up: Amara Haqqani